Ideas for project management book

Posted on: November 29th, 2013 by Jim 1 Comment

I am planning to write a book on project management which (I trust) will be a useful book for the every day project manager. I want someone to pick this book up and better understand things such as stakeholder management, communications, running meetings, important project artifacts, etc. It won’t be some gigantic compendium of everything one could possibly need. But I intend it at the very least to be something a PM could use to figure out how better to run a project, especially from a team perspectibe. Note that even though I have some training in Agile – and may refer to it – I have no practical experience running a project using it and so it won’t be about that. Also it will not necessarily be strictly PMI-aligned per se.

A question I might ask to anyone reading this is the following: Is there anything you wish you had in such a book when you first started running projects that might be worth my writing about? If so, please drop me a note. I am not looking for contributors per se.  But if you provide me with a good idea I’ll certainly acknowledge you in the book. Write to me at


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  1. Elma Lotter says:

    Topic I would like to see in your book: Tools/techniques for assessing and measuring stakeholder relationships.