Real Solutions to Real Problems in Every-Day Project Management

“In project management, your company is only as strong as its weakest link.  Our goal is to help your organization firstly understand its weak areas and then build on its strengths. To achieve the greatest efficiency and to insure maximum on-time, on budget results, consistency across projects is critical.” – Jim Stewart

These are representative examples of how JP Stewart Consulting LLC can help your organization:

Project Management Roll-Out Scenario

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This case study features the initiation and scheduling of a large-scale, multi-year project

It demonstrates clearly the challenges of:

  • Bringing all the players together to gather the necessary information and build the team
  • Lack of understanding on how to execute
  • Creation of timelines so that everyone understands and buys into the schedule

PM Rebranding Scenario

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In this example, a troubled rebranding project was recovered

The company  had neither a dedicated full-time project manager, who knew how to work across departments nor an understanding of good  PM methodology:

  • Engaging multiple departments to understand the scope and direction
  • Use of the right tools for scheduling and scoping
  • Mentoring junior PM to understand tools and leadership

Project Management Consulting Scenario

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Reintroduction of project methodology

This company had abandoned PM practices after a failed roll-out of a large project in the past. JPS Associates assisted the project office in  guiding IT in:

  • Better understanding the project management life cycle
  • Understanding the importance of planning
  • Using project management tools to better understand the scope of their project

If you feel that your team or organization is having similar challenges, please contact us.

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