Working closely with your training organization, we create custom project management courseware for you.

Develop Custom PM CoursewareYou can then use this material on an on-going basis to provide training to your employees on any number of project management areas.

Based on your requirements, we can produce any level of course ware. It is available in two options depending on your needs:

  1. PowerPoint slides concerning one or multiple specific training components such as schedule or scope
  2. Finished companion workbooks containing more detailed explanation, examples, graphics, explanations and exercises

Our process:

  • We will have an initial conversation to collect your requirements and goals for the PM courseware to be created
  • Working with your in-house resource, we will develop materials.
  • We will review courseware to ensure that everything is correct and all requirements are covered

After the final review, we can then meet with you in person or virtually to review materials. Then we will email you the files for your use or final review. If you’d like, we can come in and provide an initial train-the-trainer session.

Please note that if you are a PMP training provider, we are also available to assist you in working on PMBOK-based materials including slides and the creation of PMP test questions.

For More Info on Project Management Courseware: Call 781-223-7218