Who Are We?

We are a group of project management professionals experienced in Waterfall and Agile project management delivery approaches. Our 50+ years of project management experience in the field enables us to transform your project management delivery approach from Waterfall to Agile within a short timeframe.  Our services include training and certification enablement, establishment of your Agile feature and component teams, as well as coaching and mentoring to build your Agile delivery organization.

Agile Transformation

Whether it’s at the departmental or enterprise level, we enable your transformation from waterfall – or perhaps no methodology at all – to a functioning Agile environment. At the departmental level, it is entirely possible to demonstrate results within one to two quarters.

We assess the current landscape, provide training and coaching, initiate sprints, oversee and participate in the day-to-activities for as long as it takes your team to get up-to-speed. We will stay on board as coaches to monitor progress and provide hands-on coaching and mentoring to enable your teams.  

Scaled Agile

Agile works very well at the single or multi-team level. Where it may get tricky is at the enterprise level, where a portfolio and multiple product owners are involved. Many people are not used to this larger-scale planning and we provide guidance and coaching to you to help you scale Agile to the enterprise level.

We are certified in Scaled Agile (SAFe) framework and can guide you through the process of coordinating large teams including the facilitation of large two-day planning sessions.

Business Agility

Why waste money on projects with ambiguous or unclear business value?  We help you assess your program backlog and prioritize projects which support your business strategy and maximize your ROI.   

We will help you determine your resource capacity for projects, prioritize your project investments, manage stakeholder expectations and communicate the overall program strategic goals and timelines.

Agile for Executives

Agile is a very hot topic for good reason and adoption of Agile keeps growing exponentially across all industries, not just software companies. Business executive often don’t have time to deeply explore what Agile is really all about. They are often left to fend for themselves and wind up finding out misinformation on the Internet.

We provide a brief (1 – 2 hour) overview of what Agile really is, what benefits can be expected and what it means for your organization in terms or resources, likely costs and cultural transformation. This onboarding will arm executives with sufficient knowledge about Agile so they are more aware of the Agile revolution and its many benefits to the enterprise.

Key Clients

We are a consortium of project management professionals experienced in traditional Waterfall and Agile project management delivery approaches.  Our combined 50+ years of project management experience in the field enables us to transform your project management delivery approach from Waterfall to Agile within a short timeframe. Our services include establishment of your Agile feature and component (shared services) teams, coaching and mentoring to build your Agile delivery organization along with training and certification enablement.


  • Fidelity
  • Scient Credit Union

Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences

  • EMI Advisors
  • Baxter, Inc
  • Allergan
  • Biomarin
  • AMO
  • Oriel Stat a Matrix
  • Cooper Surgical
  • Astra Zeneca
  • Action for Results

Project Management/Process Improvement

  • Charles River Associates
  • JP Morgan


  • Spin, Inc. 
  • Pegasystems


  • Huntsman
  • Hubbell, Inc.


  • Brandeis University
  • Project Management Academy
  • Clark University (guest lecturer)
  • University of Massachusetts, Boston
  • mScholar, Inc.
  • Northeastern University
  • Boston College (guest lecturer)
  • Omnikron University
  • Houghton-Mifflin
  • Vecna Technologies
  • Successful Projects

Select Speaking Engagements

  • Boston University
  • Project Management Institute chapters
  • University of New Hampshire

Methodology Alignment

Companies that undertake projects are increasingly turning to agile practices to help them stay competitive.   Project teams need to become well-versed in agile practices and the highly collaborative and iterative methods which have made agile and experienced “Agilistas” in high demand. 

Our methodology alignment workshops begin by us understanding your current state project management and delivery practices.  We work with you to design a roadmap for your future state agile project delivery strategy and methods.  This also includes creating a multi-tier governance model, reporting and metrics and practices you can follow. This way, we kickoff the project correctly and not waste project time “figuring processes out” instead of delivering the solution. 

This process helps management and project teams understand the value they should expect from transitioning to agile and how they fit into the new structure.  Our experience with many companies has shown that there is a lot of anxiety around a major change, culturally and in business processes.  Our process will be high touch, including coaching and mentoring, to keep the process transparent. At the same time, we also inspect and adapt as we are moving along, so we are always in sync with your overall objectives and desired outcomes.