Getting Your Project Off to a Great Start Is Half the Battle.

Initiating and Scheduling ProjectsThis is a crucial step to achieving your goals as you are defining the actual project:

  • You establish the scope of the project and a rough idea of delivery date
  • You know who most of the stakeholders are
  • You have established a budget

Where we come in:

We will come on-site to kick it off and assist you in developing a schedule. The initial schedule can usually be fleshed out in one or two days, depending on the size of the project and the availability of your team.

Given enough time, we can also create an initial risk register. In the most successful project management endeavors, the team anticipates risks and has mitigations in place to address them should they arise.

Over the course of the next few days or weeks, we will work with your functional departments and project manager to further iterate the schedule to ensure that it reflects reality and has buy-in from the team.

Once the schedule is baselined, we will work with (and mentor) your on-site project manager to establish the format for regular weekly meetings, including status and reporting. Setting up the appropriate communication channels for project team members is vital to moving the project forward successfully towards successful conclusion.

During the course of the project, we will provide support as required by phone, email and remote software to your project manager as required.

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