Project Manager Mentoring to Sharpen Skills in a Demanding Environment.

Organizations increasingly appoint project managers to manage unique projects that range from upgrading a computer network to getting a new product out the door.

The Situation:
All too often, these same organizations have a number of what we term “accidental project managers.” By this we mean that, rather than having grown up in the discipline of project management, these managers wind up in their jobs by virtue of their availability.

This could be for a variety of reasons: Management rewards a person for success in another, unrelated technical discipline; the person reaches the top of a pay scale with no obvious career path; or project start up requires a live body.

The Problem:

Often, an accidental project manager lacks understanding of how to manage and control projects. As a consequence, he or she not only becomes overwhelmed and dissatisfied but also cannot bring the project in on time or on budget.

Without proper oversight, the project manager loses focus, becomes demoralized, and possibly quits. Then the organization hands the project off to another project manager and repeats the cycle.

The Solution:

With our mentoring services, we work with your project manager to access his or her skills and provide guidance as the “behind the scenes” project manager/coach.

We work closely with your project manager to assure his or her success. He or she receives feedback and recommendations on:

  • How to review project schedules, risk plans and other project documentation.
  • How to respond appropriately when problems arise
  • How to foster communication and motivation among all project members
  • The typical challenges to expect in this high profile role

We will initially co-facilitate team meetings to make sure that the project manager gets the most from his or her team and to make those meetings increasingly more effective.

The Result:

Your project manager will work more efficiently and effectively which in turn will make for better-run and more profitable projects.

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