Elevating Your Project Maturity Level Increases the Success Rate of Your Projects

Project Maturity Model

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We look at your organization’s approach, methodology, strategy, and decision-making process from a holistic perspective and assess three core areas:

  •  The current skill set of your PMs
  • Which processes you currently use
  • Your existing collaboration and scheduling tools and templates

Our process:

  1. First, we meet with your senior staffers to help you with your company’s strategic planning. At this stage, we determine your current level of project maturity and status of project completion.
  2. We assess the capabilities of both the team and the organization and provide or recommend the appropriate training, templates and processes.
  3. We assist in setting a baseline to determine where the organization is today on the maturity scale and where it wants to go.
  4. We help you implement the processes and tools necessary to reach your goal.

A company with a high level of project maturity has well-trained project managers, tight control of costs, well-documented, well-understood repeatable processes, and consistently brings in its projects on-time and on-budget.

We can take your organization to the next level. The result will be better planned and managed projects – providing better ROI, greater customer satisfaction and lowered costs.

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