Is Your Project in Trouble? – We Can Recover It.

Usually we see two scenarios:Troubled Project Recovery by Experienced Project Consulting Fimr

A) Your project is late and/or over budget. And you’re not sure how to fix it.

B) Your project gets stuck in the process

There are many reasons why a project can head for disaster, e.g. lacking support from executives, no clear requirements, timeline more important than outcome, unrealistic schedule, etc. Very often, it is not just one factor that derails a projects but a multitude of things.

How we help you recover troubled projects:

We will first meet with upper management to assess the project. Once we have found out what the causes of the problem are, we will:

  • Report on current project status
  • Prioritize the next project steps
  • Spell out resources required to complete the project
  • Establish cost and schedule controls

In this process, we also look at your project management maturity. This helps you run future projects successfully from the start. We will also recommend training and mentoring when needed.

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