Sustainable project management

Posted on: February 20th, 2012 by admin
I mentioned in my last post that I would be talking about schedules and confidence level of same. And I’m working on that. But in the meantime, I was talking to a colleague and friend of mine who hosts his own blog. In my opinion, he and his partner may have hit upon something that is not only invaluable to project management, but which may be one of the most interesting developments in PM since critical chain which I believe was first mentioned in 1999. (To be fair, Agile and Cloud PM are fairly recent developments and I’ll probably have more to say about them down the road).
That ‘something’ is green PM or sustainability, the blog is Earth PM and your hosts are Rich Maltzman and Dave Shirley. I urge you to check them out as their site explains it far better than I can.
I quote below from their mission statement:
EarthPM’s Mission and Objectives
Provide the critical link between project management and environmentalism to increase awareness amongst project managers of the power they have to improve the greenality and effectiveness of their projects – whether or not they are directlyinvolved with the environment.
  • Seamlessly blend the discipline of project management with environmental aspects of projects (we assert that every project has environmental aspects)


  • Use varying media to reach our stakeholders: project managers, environmentalists, business leaders, and, in fact, all residents of this planet;



  • Develop greenality processes to enhance the project manager’s blend of project tools;



  • Use greenality to save resources, time, and costs – those of the project, and those of the earth.



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