Raising Project Manager Competency

Project Maturity Model

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What’s at stake for your team?

If you, like most companies, are running projects and you can answer one out of these 3 questions with NO, then you are in the right place:

  • Do your PMs have the skill set & knowledge to complete projects successfully?
  • Do your current processes and activities support the success of your projects?
  • Does the communication flow within your team and among stakeholders drive successful project completion?

Based on our experience, answering only ONE of the above questions with NO or I DON’T KNOW decreases the success rate of your projects greatly. Running projects over budget, out of scope and over schedule is the consequence. Therefore many of them may never produce an acceptable ROI and/or may never be completed. This can put your projects and hence, your company at risk.

How We Can Help:

From a holistic perspective, we look at your project management approach, methodology, strategy, and decision-making process. All core areas are assessed through our proven 360° Project Manager & Project Health Assessments:

Assessing Strengths and Gaps in Project TeamsProject Health Evaluation
360° Project Manager Assessment:

• Current knowledge and skill set of your PMs
• Innovation and leadership abilities in your team
• Your existing communication flow and collaboration tools
Project Health Check:

• Evaluates project performance at start and during ongoing project
• Assesses how well your planned and current processes & activities support the success of the project

The 360° Project Manager & Health Assessments give you detailed feedback on the individuals of your team, as well as the performance level of your projects. The strengths as well as gaps within the team, processes and communication pipeline are identified.

Based on those findings, JP Stewart offers objective, custom-tailored solutions to close these gaps and increase the success rate of your projects by increasing your projects managers’ competencies.

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