Project Management Fundamentals Training – New Course

Posted on: April 27th, 2016 by Jim

The Project Management Fundamentals Training is intended for those who need to better understand the basics of project management from planning to estimating to scheduling to risk management. I have done a number of these classes, customized for in-house students and they are always fun and engaging. Typically we use your real projects as case studies. Invariably, students not only learn project management but then better understand their projects. Often they take pictures of artifacts we’ve created and/or roll them up and take them back to their office.

While I have been doing this for a number of years, I have also been teaching PMP Prep for twelve years. And I have witnessed many students coming in who were not ready for the PMP exam. But they could not find a PM 101 class and so used the Prep for that. Truthfully, it really doesn’t work. A prep class is just that – people studying to the test.

What they are looking for – and not getting – is a class where they can get project management fundamentals training using group exercises and case studies. And they are always telling me they are having trouble finding one.

Well, now they have one. I see that gap and I’m filing it. Unlike PMP classes, these are not public offerings but are instead customized trainings that I can bring in-house, typically for six or more people.

Customization allows you to focus on particular areas of weakness that you might want to address while I ensure that we are covering key basics like scheduling and risk.

Please be aware this is NOT a PMP Prep class. This is a class to give your students a good grounding in basics. Then they can go on to run projects and, when appropriate, study for the PMP.

Interested? Give me a call at 781-223-7218. I’m in the Greater Boston area but can go just about anywhere.


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