PMBOK 4 to PMBOK 5 deeper drill (3)

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Inputs, Tools and Techniques and Outputs that were removed

Work performance measurements
Project management estimating software
Budget forecasts
Proprietary quality management methodologies
Run chart
Stakeholder management strategy
Forecasting methods
Reporting systems
Information distribution tools
Planning meetings and analysis
Risk register updates
Status meetings
Teaming agreements
Risk-related contract decisions
Contract types (these are now inputs (OPA’s) rather than Tools and Techniques)
Qualified seller list
Internet search
Procurement documentation (Procurement documents still exist.)
ITTO’s that changed names (some are just the addition or subtraction of an ‘s.’
Performance reports Work performance reports
Group decision making techniques Group decision-making techniques
Alternatives identification Alternatives generation
Alternatives analysis Alternative analysis
Cost performance baseline Cost baseline
Plan Quality and Perform Quality Control Tools and Techniques Quality Management and Control Tools
Pareto Chart Pareto Diagram
Procurement statements of work Procurement statement of work
Negotiated settlements Procurement negotiations
Bidder conferences Bidder conference
Project document updates Project documents updates
Contract Agreements
Validated Deliverables Verified Deliverables
Work Performance Measurements Work Performance Data
Ishikawa’s seven basic tools of quality Seven basic quality tools
Human resource plan Human resource management plan

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