Project Fundamentals Training

Posted on: March 6th, 2017 by Jim

Often project managers do not understand the basic fundamentals of project management. In my course (2 – 4 days) I instruct on everything from charter to scope to schedule to risk. This project fundamentals training is designed to be an in-house class for your team or teams.

The best part is that the class is customizable and co-developed. I provide a laundry list of topics, we agree on them, then I put together the course. You can insert specific items from your own organization that you want to address, for example, if there’s a particular schedule or budgeting software you prefer to use.

Using real projects from your company, students will create artifacts that can be used immediately after class to help further their mission. The number of class days is entirely dependent on how much ground you want to cover.

While this class uses some terms that are in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), it is not totally bound to that book. Therefore, we can discuss any topics that seem appropriate.

NOTE -This is not a PMP Prep class.  I offer that separately.

Potential topics covered include:

-Work Breakdown Structure
-Schedule/Critical path
-Stakeholder management

Call or email me for a proposal.


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