Brief Introduction – Top Ten Reasons Why Projects Fail

Posted on: February 29th, 2012 by admin
I read a sobering report recently regarding project success (or lack thereof) in projects. It said that, on average, firms manage $200 million in projects each year. In the course of that year, these organizations will realize that more than 1/3 of their projects ($74 million worth) are at risk of failing! Seventy-four million worth.Imagine that. And the thing is, most of these projects do not have to fail. I didn’t read the entire article about why these projects don’t succeed, simply because I have my own opinions and I didn’t want to use theirs, consciously or unconsciously.
In my own opinion, there is a top ten list of reasons why projects fail.  So over the course of the next ten posts, I will detail my own reasons and what can be done in each case to prevent it. (No, it’s not necessarily making everyone a PMP). Watch this space for my next post, probably in the next day or so…

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