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Posted on: September 28th, 2015 by Jim 2 Comments

As noted in my previous post, as of June 2015, PMI has updated its Examination Content Outline. which, per PMI, is the blueprint to the PMP exam. (The last day to take the current exam is January 11, 2016, after which time it will reflect the new Outline). Any and all tasks and skills mentioned in the Outline may well be tested on the exam. (The outline is not a study guide per se but one can consult it as part of studying to see what PMI considers important to be done.) A centerpiece of the Outline is PMI’s enumerating of tasks that the project manager must perform. I noted in my previous post that the changes are evolutionary, not revolutionary. That said, there are some interesting – in some cases puzzling – changes that PMI has made which I’ll discuss in an upcoming post.

PMI did this as a result of a role delineation study. Major changes include: Emphasis on business strategy and benefits realization; value of lessons learned; project charter responsibility; enhancing stakeholder relationships.

BTW, sorry for any clunkiness in the table.  I think I spent as much time trying to format a WordPress table as in researching this.

Process Group  Tasks Added   Tasks Dropped         
  • Perform project assessment, based upon available information, lessons  learned  from previous projects
  • Define the high-level scope of the project
  • Develop the stakeholder management plan
  • Create WBS
  • Develop a budget plan
  • Maintain stakeholder relationships
  • Manage the flow of information


  •    N/A
Monitoring and Controlling
  • Communicate lessons learned
  • Monitor procurement activities


  • Communicate project status to stakeholders
  •  N/A
  • N/A

For the record, there were also some tasks that were neither added nor dropped but whose wording was modified. I did not include those for space reasons. If curious, I’d encourage you to look at the Outline itself, location noted above. If you’re so inclined, PMI has a recorded webinar on this topic here. The webinar goes into a little more detail, especially with regards to the major changes. Overall, I think it’s worth watching.

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  1. thanks, Jim, for your interpretation of what we have from PMI so far!

    The table is very helpful.

    • Jim says:

      Rich, if you have any comments on it or comments on MY comments (separate post), I’d love to hear them. Interpreting PMI’s thoughts is – as you are well aware – always a challenge.