Ask a Project Management Subject Matter Expert

Subject Matter Expert for Project MabagementReceive Answers, Advice, Help & Support for any type of PM Questions & Challenges by seasoned subject matter expert (SME) in project management.

Our 6 areas of expertise include:

1. Quality Review of Project Schedules 

Are you confident that your project managers understand how to accurately construct a schedule? Ensure that your Microsoft Project schedules are well-developed and realistic: Have JP Stewart Associates review them for quality, accuracy and completeness!

2. Kick-start your project organization

Do you have a new or existing business that needs to run projects but doesn’t know where to start? If so, consider involving an experienced PM SME. We assist in bringing new project managers on board, creating processes and designing templates. This ensures the establishment of best practices, the creation of efficient processes and lays the groundwork for effective training from day one.

3. New-Hire Interview Assistance

Our expertise in the discerning PM skill set helps you hire the right person for the job: We assist not only in writing project manager job descriptions to fit your project requirements but also during the active interviewing process. Hire us as part of your project management interview team!

4. Courseware Review

Have your project management courseware reviewed in detail – an objective second opinion if you will – by an experienced, independent PMP to ensure its correctness and effectiveness. In addition, if your company is a Registered Education Provider (REP), we provide an experienced PMP to review material (courseware, webinars, etc.) for your submission to PMI. We review it to determine its PMBOK-compliance, so you may register it as a course with them.

5. Speaking Engagements

Does your organization or event organizer need a dynamic, engaging public speaker who can talk about project management topics? Enlist our help: We cover PM topics from basic knowledge to advanced.

6. Article or Blog Writing

Help you write engaging, concise articles or blog posts on project management topics: This can be as a ghost-writer or guest blogger on a fee-basis.

Our consultations are held either in-person or by phone. Your 1st consultation is always FREE. This is when we discuss your needs and options.

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