Project Manager Success Summit

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NOTE: The summit is over. But you should still be able to purchase audios of the presentations as below.




On Sunday April 27 at 2pm EST, I’ll be presenting at an exciting symposium called “Project Manager Success Summit.” It runs from April 25 – 27, 2014. It’s not “live” but is in fact a virtual pre-recorded series of talks. My discussion is titled, “The Use of Assessments in Gauging Project Maturity.” This is from my blurb on the topic:

“Studies show that a significant number of projects either fail outright or don’t meet all of their objectives. This is not due to a failure of project management as a discipline. It’s due largely to a failure to correctly engage the tools and techniques of project management. Sometimes this happens at the grass roots level but as often as not, these processes are not well understood at the senior management level.

There are various maturity models that speak to how well a company runs its projects from the ad hoc “chaos” level up to the fully optimized level. And the problem is that too many companies run at or near the ad hoc level, endlessly churning and repeating the same mistakes.

In this talk I’ll discuss a model of project maturity and how the bar can be raised by using assessments to gauge both project manager maturity and the healthiness of your projects. ”

Interested? If so, please register at the link below.

I’m told you can purchase the entire seminar audio package here

Questions? Email me at If you register, I’ll send you a nice PDF which joins together two other presentations – Work Breakdown Structure and Risk Management.  As part of the gift feel free to email me with PM questions right up through the last day of the session.

“See” you there!


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